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Hey guys! I'm struggling with cash right now (it's so fun being in between jobs amirite) so I'm doing commissions! I'll only be taking five commissions at a time, and only up to 50. You're welcome to come back for more, I just don't want to overwhelm myself.

5$ for 15 icons and 15$ for 50 icons.
Please give me 720/1080p high quality caps, if possible. I want to give you the best that I can.
I'm comfortable working with live action films/tv shows only.
If I feel uncertain about the colors in a series, I might not make them for you because my style may not work for it.
You can definitely ask for samples of what the icons will look like! I want to make sure you are 100% happy with them. Don't be afraid to say no!
I'm using paypal, once I've finished them I'll shoot you my email address c:

CLOSED. i will be finishing the ones i have now, but commissions are closed again.

1. [personal profile] hext | 0/50
2. [personal profile] realising | 0/50
3. [personal profile] mistaken | 0/15
4. [personal profile] dipendente | 50/50
5. [personal profile] manual ( jon snow of game of thrones ) | 0/50