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fifty two | fourty five icons

45 icons of jesse custer in preacher ( episode 1 )


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fifty one | sixty two icons

62 of carly chaikin as darlene in mr. robot.


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fifty | two hundred sixty five icons

99 | game of thrones
86 | shadowhunters
28 | until dawn
26 | the 100
18 | the double
8 | skins gen 3


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forty nine | seventy six icons ( 3/3)

76 icons of dane dehaan in kill your darlings.


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forty seven | one hundred sixty icons (1/3)

three posts are about to come because otherwise it would just be one big disorganized mess .

16 | the originals
18 | sucker punch
37 | shadowhunters
34 | s.darko
26 | lucy
10 | game of thrones
9 | gossip girl
9 | misc ( reign, mcu )


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[personal profile] sodapops2015-11-12 09:48 pm

forty six | three hundred and sixteen icons

hey guys! it's been about 500 years and i made over 300 icons in order to make up for it. this posts consists of:

another me | 25 of sophie turner only
chalet girl | 30
daredevil | 13 of deborah ann woll only
from dusk till dawn | 39
fernanda ly | 9
jennifer's body | 7 of megan fox only
harry potter | 16
riot club | 49
mr. robot | 41
the guest | 29
teen wolf | 39, mostly holland roden
misc | 19, wicked city, twelve, skins


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forty five | forty three icons

33 | the 100
12 | game of thrones

look a tiny batch coming out of literally nowhere idk man  enjoy 
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[personal profile] sodapops2015-02-23 09:44 pm

forty four | fifty four icons

some of these may be repeats, i apologize! i've been off the icon wagon for a while and idek what i've posted or not.

guardians of the galaxy | 5
american horror story | 9
buffalo 66 | 18
sleeping beauty (2011) | 9
skins | 8
misc. | 5


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[personal profile] sodapops2014-09-25 07:49 pm
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forty three | eighty two icons

these have been sitting in my folder for a while aside from the newer ones, which are from the finale of teen wolf and are...mostly lydia lmao I DONT KNOW I JUST NEED TO POST THIS so they arent just in my folder glaring at me

this is mostly lydia centric bc i like her face but this post also has derek, young!derek, parrish, allison, stiles and isaac. 

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[personal profile] sodapops2014-09-11 11:18 am
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hello! i'm doing speed requests. please give me:
→ 720p - 1080p screencaps.
→ 5 caps per person.
→ you can request more once i've fulfilled the first 5 you requested
→ only tv/movie caps (animated films included!) & comic books. you can give me video game/anime caps as well but i'm still ???? at how to color them.
→ this is going on until 11:00 PM EST 9/11/2014

edit → also, i will take ideas on what series/movie TO icon, since i'm trying to broaden my comm to a little more than just teen wolf all the time. i know we love it, but any tv shows or movies that i haven't done/i did a while back but haven't done again, feel free to drop a line and i'll probably do at least 15 icons of said series c: and if i like it, i'm sure i'll do more.

this was shamelessly copy-pasta'd
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[personal profile] sodapops2014-09-03 11:28 pm
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an icon battle | fun with [community profile] dreamings

this is interesting! the first time i've ever done an icon battle ( that isn't really a battle lbr we're just comparing because it's fun )! anyway, the super lovely [personal profile] musically over at [community profile] dreamings and i chose five icons (from teen wolf, season 2) each & exchanged them, making a total of 10 icons each.

my icons are in the left column, and [community profile] dreamings's icons are on the right.

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[personal profile] sodapops2014-08-30 09:10 pm
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forty two | one hundred and forty nine icons

icons of season 1 episodes 9 & 10, and various from season 4. mild spoilers for jordan parrish. they're going to be arranged by character because ...well idk i'm trying something new. there are a few other canons in this post, too.

also i'm not too sure how i feel about this post in general. some icons i really had trouble with and just. hated. idk man it's 12 am

141 → teen wolf
8 → elementary ( jamie )


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[personal profile] sodapops2014-08-20 11:23 am

forty one | one hundred and forty icons

this is a combination of seasons and episodes! it contains season 1 episode 7&8, but only a little bit of 7 because it was all dark and i just didn't want to deal with that ok i am lazy leave me alone
it also has season 2,3b & 4, but only a few. i was trying to add in some malia icons bc i really like her face.

here we goooo
teen wolf → 92
hanayamata → 21
hannibal → 10
kill your darlings → 12
sucker punch → 5


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[personal profile] sodapops2014-07-22 09:15 pm

forty | twenty nine icons

this is just a small post of different canons idk man

5 → frozen
8 → hours
11 → sons of anarchy ( season 1 ep 1 )
5 → the 100 ( episode 1 )


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[personal profile] sodapops2014-07-15 10:37 am
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thirty nine | eighty seven icons

87 icons : season 3 episode 8 of skins! again, mostly effy, but there's a few pandora, naomi, emily, katie and freddie in there as well.


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[personal profile] sodapops2014-07-08 01:56 pm
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thirty eight | eighty six icons

teen wolf season 1 episode 6. in other news, i need another tv show to icon alongside this one so i'm not just catering to one fandom. I NEED MORE FACES TO LOOK AT. 

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[personal profile] sodapops2014-07-01 05:29 pm
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thirty seven | one hundred & eight icons

108 icons of skins, season 3 episode 1 and 8. predominately effy, but also includes freddie, katie, emily, naomi, pandora, cook and jj.


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[personal profile] sodapops2014-06-30 01:39 pm
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thirty five | part 2 of 2

wow took me 100 years to do it but here it is.

teen wolf, season 1 episode 5. 97 icons!

let's make some kool aid )